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Forgiveness! Why

Since we are little, we are taught to ask for forgiveness, but rarely do they speak to us about the act itself of forgiving (the other). And it is that it is an action that heals and heals the feelings of helplessness, anger, and resentment that we may have in front of a certain person. When you forgive, your mind and spirit calm down and you achieve greater emotional stability. Forgiving the other does not imply that the relationship will be fixed. Forgiving is a personal act; you do not need to speak to the person directly. It also does not imply that you must approve of what that person did, it simply consists of accepting that sometimes people act in the wrong way (for us).

The act of forgiving is related to acceptance. Acceptance internally, the first step to forgiving is to understand what hurt you, learn from it, and let it go, not sticking to the situation because if not, resentment and the victimizing mode will continue to accompany you. What we seek when forgiving is to find peace, leave what happened behind, and not feel resentment. That is why we say that it is an act of acceptance internally. You forgive yourself, not the other.

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