Feng Shui Diploma Course


Feng shui views the world holistically. All things and creatures are part of a natural order in an environment that is alive and ever changing. Each thing has an energetic value. This same energy flows through you – it’s you’re what makes you alive and unique.
This accredited feng shui course examines how the arrangement of your environment and the orientation and placement of things in it affect the energy flow in your environment and therefore your personal energy flow.


Feng Shui – Science Of Energy Flow

Energy and its flow and effect in the home and in oneself have become important to Western culture in recent years. We’re learning how to use it mindfully. One of the aspects of energy we’re studying is feng shui, the Chinese art, and science of energy flow. The Chinese have used this science for around 4,000 years, so its depth and breadth can’t be touched upon in a simple blog. However, we can give you the basic tenets of the science so you can make up your own mind about your home and your own energy flow.