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Health – A Perspective

It cuts across all species, ages, gender, race, and language.

It’s a subject with many facets, but basically, it’s simple.

It rests on the assumption that we love ourselves enough to take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Alignment among all three is necessary for the balance that directs us toward them and that also mirrors us in our thoughts and actions.

The genetic and hereditary characteristics of each of us contribute to the best and the not-so-good.

Health allows us to more fully enjoy the experiences of Life as a whole, and on the other side of the coin, the lack of it inhibits us, sometimes in the totality of sensations and their memories.

Nowadays, talking about aura, chakras, energies, spirits, or souls, has become a common and pressing subject, although still with fears and taboos.

These are fed mainly by ignorance about us as a holistic being, inserted in a planetary inhabitant of the Cosmic Universe and therefore our home, regardless of whether we accept this realization or not.

Everything keeps happening around us, on and off the planet, and we have two choices – either we let go of the energetic flow of Life, or we fight against it.

The first decision is beneficial to the overall harmony providing Health-absence of disease.

The second causes stress, fatigue, discouragement, depression, hence Disease.

Humanity insists on standardizing the human pattern, and this becomes more and more contradictory since we already know from science that no two DNAs are exactly alike, and we conclude that nothing in the Universe is repeated in its entirety,

To pretend to format patterns of thought, behavior, and actions, is incredible and obsolete.

The Mind, where thoughts are generated, is an inexhaustible box of surprises.

When we refer to mental behaviors, we speak of “surprises” as the records that are made since conception as an ovum.

The aura is composed of a set of many etheric bodies, not visible to the naked eye, but which exist – the mental, emotional, rational, astral, mediumistic, etc., etc.

They are presented in different colors – seven rays, and there is a camera-like device that detects and records them in an image.

The format is not static. It expands or retracts according to our energetic state.

The ones mentioned are the most used in our human experiences and are energetically “fed”.

Some Beings can visualize these bodies through the third eye chakra – because it is located between the two physical eyes – it is an energetic center.

The main Chakras in the human species are seven energetic centers that function as energy receivers and diffusers.

The crown one is in the center of the head, the third eye between the eyes, the throat, the cardiac in the sternum, the solar plexus in the upper stomach, the umbilical and basic in the pubic area.

The energy that permanently circulates in everything that exists in the multiple visible and invisible forms, because everything is composed of energy, from the most subtle to the densest, generates a descending flow, coming from the Universe penetrating in its totality, in the most diverse forms – mineral, vegetable, animal, and human.

We all have abilities that we don’t even imagine and waste.

Each one as an individual receives energy that attracts – law of Attraction or repels – law of Repulsion.

These laws are part of the Universal Laws that govern the Whole and are nothing compared to the human laws that are fallible by nature because they are determined by the human Mind, which is very limited in its perception and reach.

Physical exercise regular is not by itself a guarantee for the health of the body.

It can contribute as part of a whole.

All Illness has an emotional origin, so it is to this body that our attention should turn.

Emotions are records of feelings and emotions generated by our thoughts and actions.

It’s important to take care of thoughts and actions.

As the energy generated will lodge in certain organs that have to do with it.

For example, quoting a popular saying we say that a person has a bad liver.

Anger, hurt, resentment, revenge, jealousy, wounded pride, and the like are drawn to the liver with the symptoms we have all heard about or experienced.

The Soul-Spirit is a nucleus of energy that exists in the universal world.

This nucleus that moves freely between dimensions to live on the Planet where the matter in all its exponentiality is needed is attracted to a physical body and with it will travel the Path and learnings it has chosen for itself.

This nucleus brings no illnesses with it. The recordings are made in and by the materiality of the physical and mental body.

However, the union of the nucleus with the body is intrinsic and indispensable for human permanence on Earth.

Only the physical body remains in the matter. The etheric bodies accompany the nucleus back to its starting point – the Universe.

In conclusion, the whole process is undeniably holistic. That is, evaluating the Man in his totality as Soul-Spirit, Physical and Mental body with all the etheric bodies and energetic centers.

Otherwise, everything will happen piecemeal as individual pieces that don’t seem to be part of the same puzzle.

Separation does not exist. Only the one.


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