Oaktree has been a member of the flora for millions of years. It has undergone an extensive evolution bracketing varied sub-types of it. The Oak Tree has catalyzed the divine synergy balance from culinary usage in beverage production as wine and whisky barrels to sacred wood in the cosmic realm.

It is majestic and overwhelming, just to realize its significance at a granular and grandeur level equally. Oak symbolizes strength and survival in many religious and spiritual practices. Powerful countries like England and Germany have the Oak Tree as their national tree.

Over time, the world has undergone various events. It has endured calamities, undergone changes, and adapted to the geographical shifts, but one of the many few things that remained constant is the Oak Tree.

Though it doesn’t audibly speak to you, the wisdom and maturity of this flora can be felt when witnessed. The bark of the oak resonates with the positive frequencies that have been synthesized throughout its evolution.

The Celtic Calendar existed even before the Christian calendar, representing Oak as the 7th Month. To the Celtics, the Oak Tree was the tree of Dagada, the tree that protects the leaders and warriors. It served as symbolic armor for them throughout the years.

In the ancient mythologies of Rome and Egypt, the reference to an Oak Tree and its significance has been mentioned in the scripts. It was divine and sacred to gods like Zeus, Jumala, and Jupiter. During those golden ages, Oak was used for various rituals among various tribes and communities.

The wise wood has come into the grip of various groups and slipped many over the years, and it is said that you don’t choose Oak, the Oak chooses you. In other words, if you possess the Oakwood or tree without the Oak’s will, some of the others how will not survive and deliver you the synergy, it will deteriorate.

It is very stubborn and proud so that you won’t see an Oak bend. When the branches get loaded as the tree grows, it breaks instead of bending. The tree shows with its action, “Even if you have to die, die but do not kneel on a bend in front of any.” The message is blunt and clear.

From Legends to Logics

Anybody with that kind of age and evolution will be a part of various stories, practices, cultures, traditions, rituals, and ceremonies. The tree has lived for so long and has undergone various natural phenomena and evolution.  Why am I referring to Oak as a person? Because it’s not any less. The tree has seen civilizations form and die, and kingdoms fall and rise. And along this period, there are various urban legends that Oak has to its credit.

Some of the very famous ones are:

1. A lightning strike on an Oak Tree was believed to be an important message or sign of a major event that was going to happen.

2. Oak Trees were worshipped by the ancient Druids of the British Isles. They performed their sacred rituals in Oak groves and ate the acorns that fell from the trees in the hope of seeing into the future.

3. Oak leaves are among the last to fall from trees in autumn, and some species of Oak Trees never lose their leaves at all. The ancients saw this as positive trait-the leaves were tenacious, demonstrating determination and a never-say-die attitude.

4. The Ancient God’s messengers and spiritual leaders of communities used to consult the Oak Tree and take any major decisions in its presence as the Oak Tree lived for long years, which sprouted a belief in the people that the Oak is very wise, which came with its age.

5. Though the emergence of Christianity has replaced a lot of ancient mythology, believes it couldn’t replace the beliefs related to Oak Trees. In some representations of Jesus’s crucifixion, it is stated that the cross used was made of Oak Wood.

6. Some cultures and traditions also believe that their ancestor’s soul merges with the Oak’s roots, and they live there.

7. Many deep meditations if done with dedication under the shade of any ok tree, many deep meditations reveal the vivid answers to your questions and problems in mind. 

Apart from these myths, many superstitions also paved a home for themselves within the facts.

Below given are some of the most known superstitions related to Oak Trees:

1. Sitting in the shade of an Oak tree summons an Angel with a message for you.

2. Fairies can be heard in the hollow of an oak trunk.

3. This is an old proverb about the Oak as a weather forecaster.

4. ‘If the Oak comes before the Ash, you’ll get a splash.’

5. If the Ash comes before the Oak, you can expect a soak.’

6. To prevent toothaches, medieval European superstition recommends hammering a nail into the trunk of an Oak Tree.

7. Knocking on wood summons the Oak Spirits to bring you good fortune or assistance.

8. Acorns can be placed in the water by lovers to predict the future of their relationship. Two acorns drifting together foretell a bright future.

These were just some of the legends that still grab everybody’s attention, along with which many scientific pieces of research followed as time progressed to unveil the logic behind them. One thing to be understood is that everything cannot be seen, some things can only be felt. If the cosmic plane or divine reveals a miracle in our lives, we must embrace it and understand that just because we don’t see certain things doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sometimes, science must not have reached up to the development to explain the logic. 

Oaktree and Metaphysical Correlations

Modern spiritual practitioners and scientists have read the synergy that Oak Tree possesses through many methods and practices. The concept of the 5 elements of life and its presence in every matter of the planet, the various realms, and planes were bridged at many phases through the Oakwood and spirit.

Modern astrophysics combined with cosmic science also claims that the oak wood can unlock portals to various realms enabling Aliens, Ancient Spirits, and the extra-terrestrials to travel and make contacts.

The usage of Oakwood can be discovered in various ritual practices in the present and the old fallen civilizations and communities. Repetitive mentions of that in various contexts through literary sources conclude it to be the catalyst or bridge between two realms.

The historical analysis has unclouded many grimoires that mentioned oakwood usage for many spells that witches and warlocks practiced. Though many stories are called and pushed off by inbounds as urban folklore, the local with first-person experience claims otherwise.

In the present, especially in Europe, certain towns with Oak farms and dominance claim to have better luck than others nearby. Many instances have come to light where the calamities took a ‘U-turn at these lands rooted with Oak Trees.

Though many events are declared a mere coincidence by the scientific folks, the true believers of cosmic and spiritual energy know better.

Oak Trees have a lifespan of more than 1000 years, the structure holds so much at both physical and evolutional levels that we can’t even measure.

The northern hemisphere of the earth is where the dominance of the Oak Tree can be found, and that explains why the Romans, Egyptians, and Teutonic held it sacred. 

The natural elements of events like rain, thunder, and lightning especially have a deep correlation with an Oak Tree.

Scientifically speaking, one reason could be its grandeur, and the other could be the water volume it holds. It is easily the tallest and largest standing flora in the landscape.

The folklores and ancient practices majorly mention 3 trees that are Oak, Ash, and Thorn in the majority of the instances. This combination is considered magically more powerful together and is also called a fairy triad.

Why fairy triads? It is believed that the triangular radius created by these 3 trees is where the fairies penetrate this realm, and the powerful witches and magic practitioners say. “Do not get close to any of these trees during a full moon,” and if you hear any orchestration or melodies or music through them, then the fairies are celebrating. During that time, avoiding touching these trees, as well as the fairies, could permanently pull you inside their phase of the realm.

The various component of the tree brings good things to you in various ways. It is a complete package. Let me guide you through a few pieces of folklore that suggest each component’s strength and capability.

1. Acorns: Brings Good luck and wealth; carrying this in your pocket brings you immense positive things in life.

2. Oak leaves: Symbolizes Victory, and that is why the Roman generals were presented with the wreath of oak leaves post major wars and battles.

3. The Oak Tree:  provides cover to various wild animals in the forest from ruthless hunters.

4. The Oak Logs: Can be used as cleansers to burn in areas with negative energy. It is considered very powerful even today and is used in various demonic cleansing practices.

The Oak Ecosystem

The Oak is an ecosystem on its own. A fully grown Oak Tree holds the capacity to host 300-plus species of microorganisms. It provides food and shelter to many wildcats, birds, and reptiles. The oak apple grows around the eggs laid by insects in the buds.

Around 50 different species are responsible there. The activities and the livelihood there are not visible as it hosts microorganisms majorly, but it has its small world of livelihood. The bark of Oak itself provides shelter for many birds and reptiles.

The king tree Oak is held cozy by mother nature. The ancient folklore also says that if the Oak Tree is left to its full potential without any force of nature controlling it, then the Oak holds the capacity to colonize the whole land feet by foot. The Oak Tree thus holds the capacity to interact with the whole ecology with its ability to reach anywhere it wants.

The Oak Healer

Besides the mythological relevance, legends, and spiritual properties, it also holds healing capabilities. The healing here refers to exterior physical healing and refers to physiological healing. The Oak components, especially the Acorns, are medicinal at a biochemical composition level, but it also has properties that could correct various Chakras in one’s body if not aligned well. It heals the balances the chemical processes in the body that boost the healing system and cell regeneration in one’s body, making the healing of a wound faster.

The Oak is a “Tree” Synonym

In the ancient era, Oaks held so much power and influence among the rest of the flora that “Oak” was used as a synonym for every sacred tree. In many places and instances of literary sources collected by the archaeologists state that the word oak was much more used than usual, and that is when the archaeologists paid more attention to later realize that the oak was not particularly being mentioned every time, but it was used as a synonym for the tree.

Oak Tree is a sacred tree and is also called the King of trees. It is believed that it holds the power to catalyze communication and fetch energy from different realms. And since it has a long life, it is also the representation of wisdom.

It has served various ancient practices and traditions or rituals, and even today, it is practiced by many spiritual practitioners. The various components of the tree will help you in different ways. With the Oak Tree being this old, it has its share of legends and folklore. Some of them may sound unreal but remember there is a force always ahead of us or our time, this force cannot always be brought to the senses using science, and some will have to be digested without facts.

Apart from its spiritual and sacred significance, the Oak Tree also is medicinal.

The Dream Oak

Body, Mind, And Soul For A Fulfilled Life!