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The Soul Is An Atom Of Primordial Energy

It feels it is colorful, it has geometric shapes, sounds, numbers, and codes. Conscientiousness is what that “spot” of light feels and knows about what is occurring during its existence.

The soul is created with the purpose of taking its experiences back to the Creation Fountain. Since its creation, the soul never dies, but may transform over the millions of years it lives.

By the time a soul comes to earth, it has already lived several lives in multiple spots of the universe. For this reason, when the soul arrives on this planet it travels to the deepest energy level – during the descension process – and only then it begins its journey from bottom to top. Ultimately, it will reach the highest energy level it can achieve. That’s the Souls’ global mission. When the soul fails that goal it turns to another kind of “worker” for the whole. On the other hand, when the soul accomplishes that main task during human life, it only returns to earth as a human when it volunteers to come and help other souls ascend. But souls have a long way to go in order to grow and to be able to assist other souls to get to their highest stage.

On earth, the soul lives human experiences. As a human soul – that lives within a human body – the soul remains connected to one or several Hierarchies that act as guides during the ascending journey. Each human experience matches the energy that the soul offers to nourish the Primordial Energy. 

That’s where the real challenge lies. The soul as perceived by the human mind appears to be much more complicated than what it is in its true existence. Influenced by ignorance, fears, cultures, religions, societies, and darkness, everyone thinks about souls in different ways. The process of Creation of the soul, its developing ways, and its goals are very simple as all the conception of the universe is. The vision we have of the soul is individually created under our human perspective.

Truly, the soul is a spot of light in the cosmos with its own unique characteristics, and the mission of co-creating the Cosmic World. And each soul knows all about its existence, its creation, and its choices. It is the soul that begs the universe to come and fulfill its purpose on earth, but by the time it reaches the human experience, it forgets everything. During the human experience, it doesn’t acknowledge its true role in the Universe and how to contribute to its maintenance. In fact, it may live thousands of lives coming and going without really remembering its true story.

For each time it leaves the human body it chooses to be among humans, and the soul unveils a slight perception of its true self. This perception of the soul is the so-called “Truth” that we all talk about nowadays, referring to a spiritual reencounter with ourselves. Only then do we understand that what we were hoping to find and feel and have been looking for in the world around us, is actually within ourselves and is the essence of our soul.

Just simple and straight. We are souls!

What does it mean to be a soul?

Souls also may be called spirits, monads, regents, avatars… as these terms refer to the same energy in several levels, depending on the condition and stage of its way back to its true land – the Universe.

When the soul comes to Earth for the first time, it initiates a process of descending to experiment with lower levels of light until it almost reaches the absence of it. Hence, the ascension journey begins to free the soul from the darkness, allowing it to acknowledge and recall its essence of light. That conquest seems almost eternal, but someday in human time, the soul begins to ‘’see’’ and feel her primordial light and conception.

All souls are serving Universal Laws, till now unknown to most of us. Learning about these rules is a great help to understand, accept, and move forward when faced with situations and emotions we have resistance to. We may believe and respect, or not. And we may even choose to live under different rules created by human beings on the planet. But that choice must be made in full awareness. Whilst we frequently claim our free will, we forget that despite our individuality,  we are part of a whole.

As a soul inside a human body, we previously chose what we came to experience in each life and the kind of knowledge we wanted to get from that experience. That body is commanded by a Mind and Personality. That Mind and Personality are so fed that they think and feel they own that body and soul, and forget the only goal of life – a soul experience in a human body, to serve the whole with the energy of all lives and experiences.

That ignites the internal conflict between the soul and the illusion of a person on her own. The soul comes as a divine server but the person lives oblivious of that. Hence, from life to life, an energy unbalance is generated – the karma. That karma grows and is sent to the Universe as a negative balance between the body and the soul.

Somewhere, in our human trajectory,  the Universe “calls” us – as a body and as a soul – to balance our actions and thoughts, in order to return to our primordial service: to be a lightworker.

Then comes a very deep and crucial question.

Should we keep living in ignorance about ourselves and all kinds of actions that generate more unbalance? Or should we decide to “discover” who we really are and why we exist here and in the remaining universe?

We must begin to think and act like an essence – a soul that comes to earth and has an urgent need to continue to be what it really is: a co-creator of the universe in perfect balance, doing its part wherever it is.

Therefore, the true challenge is to reflect on whether we are living according to our human character or our essence. That is, should our mind and personality rule our actions and establish our goals, or should we aim for the balanced conjunction of living a holistic life in a human life?

All that exists has a reason to exist and everything is needed for our experiences, but not to dominate us as souls. Souls are not human, but live their human experiences through human bodies, in pursuit of continuing their job of co-creating the universe with positive energies.

Is time to decide.

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