The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method is the mind development training program that is the most famous in the world. The method is being used by over six million individuals worldwide in more than one hundred countries. The method involves dynamic meditation to improve almost all aspects of life, all types of health problems, and all types of other problems. It involves training yourself in lowering the frequency of your brain waves to the Alpha level and remaining awake with consciousness. The dominant Alpha waves are produced when the individuals are asleep. The Silva Mind Control Method lowers the frequency of these waves to reduce dizziness and lethargy while enhancing the power of your subconscious mind.

Who developed the method?

The Silva Mind Control Method was developed by Jose Silva in 1944 while reading books on hypnosis, psychiatry, and psychology. In 1996, he started to teach the method where he lived in the State of Texas. Then the demand for the method increased very rapidly and he realized that he could not meet the demand by himself so he started training others to spread it in the other States of the country as well as to Europe, Mexico, South America, and worldwide.

Benefits of the Silva method

The Silva Mind Control Method has several health benefits as well as many other benefits to improve all aspects of your life. These are mentioned below.

Health benefits:

  • Maintain good health
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Slow the aging process
  • Normalizes internal body organs
  • Overcome medical conditions
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Overcome addictive habits

Benefits to improve all aspects of life:

  • Helps to detect hidden information where things are
  • Helps to avoid danger and a sense of danger
  • Helps to detect if someone is lying to you
  • Helps to decide what direction to take
  • Helps to make correct decisions
  • Helps to better understand others by expanding your consciousness
  • Helps to get answers from higher intelligence
  • Helps to influence others
  • Helps to sense the needs, thoughts, and emotions of other people

Improve memory

You can improve your memory with the Silva Method. It is the alpha state of the brain that improves your memory and is very resourceful. So whenever you want entering this alpha state would be just perfect. The two ways to enter the alpha state are the slow one and the fast one.

  • When you are in the alpha state, a slow one is used that requires relaxation and meditation for about 15-20 minutes.
  • The fast one is used when you create a special mind tool and then practice with it. The method is amazingly fast and activated after developing a mental mechanism.

Creative sleep

You can experience creative sleep with the Silva Method. Creative sleep happens to all of us randomly. It is a situation in which you dream about a particular problem sleeping you had in your life and the next morning you know how to solve it. The Silva method trains you enough that you can program yourself to have a dream that will provide you with the answers you are seeking while sleeping. The following way can be used for creative sleep:

  • You must practice for an advanced meditative level so that your brain can alter the state of brain waves easily at will.
  • The concept is simple. Before you sleep do not forget to meditate, and you will find the problem you are facing for.
  • Then the first thing to do is to write down what you have seen in your dream when you wake up.
  • It is important to write down immediately about your memories after you wake up because you remember most of your dreams now. As time gradually passes by you may forget it.

Improve and maintain health

You can improve and maintain your health with the Silva Method. This happens when you use the power of imagination that speed up your recovery from illness. Use the following ways to improve and maintain health:

  • Imagine yourself ill for a while but do not hold the image for too long in your mind
  • Say to yourself in your mind that you desire to be cured
  • Maintain the alpha state and make some affirmations before you start
  • Induce your mind for positive thinking to accelerate healing
  • Imagine you are not in pain anymore, how well do you feel
  • Feel the happiness that good health offers
  • Keep the image in your mind for some time and enjoy it
  • You will recover yourself rapidly

Speed learning 

You can also improve your learning speed with the Silva Method. There are two ways to speed up your learning process:

  • The Technique of the three-fingers
  • Recording your voice

To induce your brain into a trance, the three-finger tool is especially important. It helps you get more of the information and store it in the long-term memory of your brain.

The other is a little bit more complex process that requires a voice recording device. You will use it when you read something and want to memorize it. You will enter into the alpha state after the recording and hear what you recorded before.

First steps to meditate using The Silva Mind Control Method

The following are the first steps to meditating by using The Silva Mind Control Method:

  • Close your eyes and look behind your eyelids at an angle of 20 degrees. The position of the eyes at that angle helps your brain to produce Alpha waves.
  • In the second interval, start counting backward from a hundred to one in your mind. Continue this exercise for the first ten days every morning. Afterward start counting 50 to 1, 25 to 1, 10 to 1 ten days every morning, and continue each for the coming days making a total of forty days.
  • Exit the level when you reach the count of one.


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