Love And Relationships

Relationships are of all kinds – lovers, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and so on.

To relate with others is a forever reality.

As February is Love Month is never enough to remember Love must vibe in whole situations.

The most difficult act of Love begins in the relationship with us.

If we don’t love ourselves, we have a nonrelation.

Love it’s the foundation for all the relations.

A date may be a start for a relationship, but it isn’t as we project on our minds.

We need to know about ourselves and only then may learn something about others

Relationships are permanent learnings about us and Humanity.

Personality is a barrier that difficult connections.

Knowing, accepting, and changing the multiple ‘’nuances’’ of our personality is the only way to achieve a relationship with a mental, rational, and emotional balance and be able to relate with ourselves.

The main relationship begins when we are born and we pass away.

We must relate with our soul, our body, our personality, and all around us.

It’s very simple, but also very difficult as our personality, ego, vanity, pride, illusion, and ignorance do not ease that task

To start a love relationship with us is the first and the main step to a healthy and happy life to share with others our best and receive theirs best – The Unconditional Love

The Dream Oak

Body, Mind, And Soul For A Fulfilled Life!

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