Love Is The Base

Love is the base of all that exists. It’s the main structure for Humanity to live a healthy and happy life.

When our mind speaks louder than our soul, we only exist, but don’t live.

If we don’t love life and the gift of being alive, we don’t vibe in love.

Love gives us the freedom to be our Truth, pure energy, to feel and spread it.

Our soul is made of love, breaths love, feels, and shares it.

All beings lead to the Main Fountain of Love and Life, in a flow of existence and the other way around.

Love is the onliest aim and purpose for the Highest Creation. It’s energy and we also are. As energy, we may move everywhere and can fly, dive, levitate, go through walls, and many other things, that we don’t understand we may do as energy.

Our bodies are condensed energy and unable to try several experiences here on earth, but our Essence, or soul is only energy, so it’s able.

As loving spots in the universe, we are free of being the stars, the suns, the planets, and galaxies and walk between and within dimensions of different vibrations always with love energy as a support.



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Love Is The Base
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