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The Power Of Your Mind On Your Health

How are you feeling today? As you are reading this article, do you sense aches, pains, and a general feeling of malaise as you reflect on the day’s events and anticipate the same daily grind tomorrow?
Or are you vibrant, full of energy, ready to go, and grateful for every blessed experience you’ve had up to this point?

The reason is likely your thought process. Studies point to the fact that we have nearly 6,000 thoughts in a day, and most of these are not consciously generated by us. They are a reaction to stimuli conversations, emotions, experiences, physical sensations, and other triggers that are signals for the brain to make an association with something. Sounds like a runaway train, doesn’t it?


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What if you could take control of the runaway train?

What if taking control of your conscious thoughts, and learning to pay attention to those thoughts that float through your consciousness in an attempt to change them, could impact your health? Our mind-body connection is far more powerful than we originally thought. Thoughts influence emotions that become physical and biochemical reactions in our bodies and this has a significant impact on our state of health. Even thinking about the future produces physical responses in the body and sets up patterns of illness and disease, particularly if those thoughts are rooted in fear, stress, or anger.

How thoughts affect our health

Recent studies point to the impact that our thoughts can have on emotions. Emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, dread, and resentment cause biochemical responses in the brain, signaling them to release “rescue” hormones that put all systems of the body on high alert. As we are not hard-wired to keep receiving this amount of stressful input, it can take its toll over time Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer are all borne by an inflammatory response and a weakened immune system caused by excess stress and negative thought patterns.

On the other hand, we have tremendous potential for healing when we become conscious of our thoughts and emotions and then work to change them. Releasing toxic emotions, changing habitually negative thinking patterns with carefully chosen, positively directed thoughts, and anticipating great results often bring about significant improvement that may not have been seen otherwise.


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Ways that positive thought can impact your health

Thanks to a number of scientific discoveries, we now have tangible proof that our mental mindset can significantly impact our health, and that positive thought is one of the most potent weapons against illness, aging, and disease. Here are some ways that positive thoughts and positive emotions impact your health:

  • Immunity is strengthened
  • Blood pressure is reduced and regulated
  • Greater feelings of strength and resilience are experienced
  • Longevity is increased
  • Pain tolerance is more efficient, and people experience a reduction in inflammatory conditions
  • People experience more feelings of happiness and joy in daily life
  • Greater capacity for fulfilling relationships is experienced
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence are increased significantly
  • It becomes easier to create health-promoting habits

Tangible evidence

Dr. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has shown the world just how potent our thoughts and words have on the world around us. With his images of frozen water crystals, he and a team of researchers spent countless hours subjecting water molecules to both positive and negative stimuli, including thoughts, words, and images. The results were astonishing; water molecules that had been subjected to positive words and images restructured themselves into beautiful, pristine crystalline shapes, while the water molecules that had been subjected to negative stimuli or neglect were chaotic, dirty, and misshapen.

Considering that our body is comprised of anywhere from 60-80 percent water, the evidence seems clear that in order to maintain clean health, we need to clean up the mind and our thought processes. Your thoughts have the capacity to build up or destroy, make you ill, or help heal. Take control of your thoughts, and you will change your health and your world.


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Strong mind, strong body

Your road to better health starts today. Begin to notice your thought processes, your emotions, and how your perception of the world has an intimate effect on your health and the quality of your life. Begin to retrain your mind and take control of your thoughts, words, and actions, and optimal health will follow suit.

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