Nobody Makes Love

Love is not makable. It is a high vibration of our essential light body not a product of a sexual act.

Love simply is and lives in hearts and souls as oneself. Each one must vibe love to feel and share during the body’s fusion which will elevate not only the people but also the whole.

It is not an ego desire, but a blessing to the souls involved.  

Sexuality is the expression of sexual energy, and it is sacred.

As all the energies must not stay paralyzed, hidden, or ignored. This energy does not belong to us or to our bodies.  It is only passing by through it in a permanent cycle, mainly in the basic chakra.

This energy ”feeds” the elemental, device, and angelical kingdoms. When we block parts of this sacred energy, we are not feeling and thinking overall.

Humanity is selfish and is also very ignorant about its dimension, real meaning, and purpose.

We remain focused on the physical body and its pleasure, and not on a sacred energy that must be respected and manifested.

Mankind is still in the primitive ways of practicing sex, without love, respect, or any kind of heart and soul emotions.

It also connects us with hearts to help to realize and manifest situations in the material world.

It is a source of creation, creativity, and alchemy for the elevation of superior dimensions.

Love is a very high vibration that pulses in our bodies also as sexual energy and in a higher connection between earth and heaven when pure love is shared allowing a fusion of bodies, hearts, and souls that full fills and nourishes the whole.

The Dream Oak

Body, Mind, And Soul For A Fulfilled Life!

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