Love is a cosmic essence, not human reverie.

Love as humanity idealizes it is more the inverse of what love actually is cosmic essence and vibration.

Love is vertical, not horizontal. It is an expanded consciousness, not a limited mind.

Love is felt, not thought. It is free and does not expect retribution. It is free and not a manifestation of repressed emotions. It is spontaneous, never programmed. It is constant and does not depend on emotional cycles or personality.

Love is trust, without manifestations of jealousy and insecurity, control, or possessiveness.

Love is the feeling of the soul, it does not depend on physical attraction. It is forever and not of eras.

It is timeless, neither young nor old. It is androgynous, not masculine or feminine. It is dialogue and surrender, without submission, criticism, or judgment. It is an antonym of suffering. It is completeness without lack.

Love is sharing sexual energy with elevation and alchemy, not just sex.

When will humanity understand how much it trivializes, distorts, and slanders Love, turning it into Lovelessness?

We resign ourselves to live without manifest Love

Until when will we go on like this?

Until we are free of everything that pulls us back and down.

Love is Truth without Illusion. It is to be and to manifest.

Love is enough, it neither draws near nor pushes away, it only is and shares itself.

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